NAS…Are You Serious??!!!??

      Maybe I should start by reiterating a blog post that I made a while back on another site…Because I really don’t know where to start on this one…It just left me shaking my head and wondering how much deeper the Black Community is going to be dug both internally and externally into a dark lifeless void of confusion, disarray and setbacks.

     “ABOLISH THE “N” WORD!!!!!”

      “No matter how it is pronounced or spelled, the “root” of the word remains the same. And there is nothing anyone can ever say to change that……Society is continueosly diminished by the media, government, and music industry, who heartlessly desensitize man kind, leaving common sense to be not so common….

As long as black people continue to use the “N” word we cannot be angered when someone else uses it, no matter how they pronounce it or the intentions behind it.
Black people set the standards. If other people see us using the word, they are going to use it. It is as simple as that. There is no rationalizing it.

Just think about it. We are the only race on earth that uses such a heinous racially violent slur as a so called “term of endearment” towards one another.”

However, many people do not share this same opinion and point of view and thus leads to the creation of such things as the following…Check out NAS’s new music video for his single “Be A Nigger Too” off of his latest album…

Nas – “Be A Nigger Too”:


      I do not understand how someone who condones, embodies and glorifies guns, violence, drugs, mistreatment of women, abuse towards police, excessive use of profanity and vulgarity, etc, etc, etc; could be viewed in the eyes of some (particularly blacks) as some sort of iconic figure, being praised and glorified as a creative artists and role model for blacks to reenact…

Be A Nigger Too Lyrics

“I’m a nigger, he’s a nigger, she’s a nigger, we some niggers,
wouldn’t you like to be a nigger too?
To all my kike niggas, spic niggers, Guinea niggers, chink niggers,
that’s right, y’all my niggers too…” – Nas

     Are you kidding me…??? Like I said above, black people are the only race on earth that use such a heinous racially violent slur as a so called “term of endearment” towards one another. And it looks like things aren’t going to be getting any better any time soon…We might just still be at the tip of the ice berg…….Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and other legends alike must be turning in their graves at this point…

“We rather say, “What’s up, bro?” than “Sup my n***a?” It’s more prudent and we don’t like to use words slave masters used to say . . . a lot. Even when some of our black friends say, “It’s cool; you’re Latino so you can say it.” We rather not because you’re not going to hear us say, “It’s cool; you’re black so you can call me a spic.” It just doesn’t seem right. Now saying cracker is a whole other story. We hate us some cracker ass crackers.” – Atahualpa

NOW for those who are in total defense of the ‘N’ word and it’s use…Watch this next video clip from the movie “Amazing Grace” and then tell me what you think and how you felt…It is a bit lengthy (8 minutes and 10 seconds long) but you need only watch it from where it is roughly 3 minutes and 30 seconds in to about 6 minutes…

Amazing Grace – Scene Snippet:


      P.S. – Also, for those who believe that the whole recent “Abolish the ‘N’ Word” Movement was due to black activists that assumption is wrong, being that it was in fact due to white parent’s whos sons and daughters were going around calling each other niggers as blacks and hispanics do, and they were not about to let then happen and/or continue…


What do you all think about the topic overall…???

Don’t Spectate…Participate…!!!


“It took Pleasure to make me and Pain to give birth to me…” – Kev



4 thoughts on “NAS…Are You Serious??!!!??

  1. Thank you for this I really detest what Nas is doing at the moment , he is becoming almost instrumental in helping destroy his own people.

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