Especially the Espys…!!!

      Maybe I should start with the fact that there are still many special broadcasts with great moments on American television, especially the Espys. This years 2008 Espy Awards Show which marks a historical night in sports chronicles, and was in my opinion (compared to previous Espy Award Shows that I have watched) one of the best, most entertaining and most memorable.


      This years Espy Awards Show was hosted by Pop-Singer Justin Timberlake who entertained, awed and stole the shows with his inimitable singing, quirky antics and comedic skits. His “I Love Sports” performance was particularly funny and plain genius as were his other skits and antics.

Justin Timberlake – “I Love Sports”


       Surprisingly, even the illy infamous Will Farrell was actually able to the make me laugh and not just a little but a lot. As much as I consider him to be not funny and would never pay to see any of his films, I must admit that his Espy Awards skits were hilarious.

Will Ferrell at the Espys

Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly’s ESPY Demands


      Of course the traditional Awards were given out in usual fashion leaving many proud; and countless inspirational moments were reflected on ranging from that of the Jimmy V Award recipient Kevin Evert who fought back after having sustaining a paralyzing football injury, to the prominent and commemorative Arthur Ash Award (the highest achievable sports award) which was awarded to Tommie Smith and John Carlos for their courageous and life changing act of holding up black gloved hands during their Olympic Medal Ceremony and battling through the repercussions that followed. The introduction to the award was an extremely powerful, emotional and moving piece that all should see and take in without question.

Arthur Ashe Award Intro

Artur Ashe Award


“It took Pleasure to make me and Pain to give birth to me…” – Kev




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