Back in Action…!!!

      Maybe I should start with the fact that it almost looked as if my blog site was going to have just died out and fallen to the way side due to me not making and updates or even any posts for that matter within the past 8 months, which is pretty embarrassing. However, things got extremely hectic and my blog site ended up getting pushed down the lists of my major priorities. But, even with things still being very hectic at the moment due to school, work, family, and other responsibilities and obligations my blog site is something that defines a large part of who I am and the impact that the world has on me as well as those around me. So, to make a long story short I am finally back in action and will be making regular blog posts and keeps things updated as best I can.

A lot has gone on both in the world overall and in my life at small, both personal and public and I have a lot to say and a lot of topics to address whether they be old or new. So be prepared for many of my upcoming posts on race, college life, politics, gender, and a host of other topics.

For starters, here are two videos that I recently came across that literally had me cracking up.

I used to be a fan of American Idols a few seasons back but over the years I have lost a great amount of respect for the due to the bias and unfairness of the program and don’t waste my time watching it anymore. So here are two American Idol Parody Videos that I think everyone will find to be pretty funny…There are a host of other videos in this particular series, but I just found these specific two videos to be the funniest…LoL…Feel free to check out the rest on Youtube if you like…

American Idol – Worst Singer Ever!!! #1 Parody!!!!!


American Idol – Worst Singer Ever!!! #6 “Chocolate Rain


“It took Pleasure to make me and Pain to give birth to me…” – Kev


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