[Interview with Pharrell Williams @ Art 40 Basel 2009]

Maybe I should start by paying my respects to producer Pharrell Williams and artist Takashi Murakami for their collective genius in creating inspirational and intriguing artwork. On June 9, 2009 at Art 40 Basel, Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin presented a 6-foot  sculpture by artist Takashi Murakami, made in collaboration with the U.S. record producer and designer Pharrell Williams. The artwork is titled “The Simple Things” and features a glass-fiber, steel and acrylic head based on Murakami’s cartoon-inspired signature character Mr. Dob. Within the mouth of the being lies objects which are essentials in the everyday life of Pharrell Williams. The items include a cup cake, a can of Pepsi, a sneaker and a bottle of Johnsons baby lotion; and all objects are completely encrusted with 26’000 diamonds and gems.

In this interview with Ute Thon (Art Magazin), Pharrell Williams talks about how cooperation between himself and Takashi Murakami came about, the idea behind the sculpture, his interest in art and design, the artists and designers he admires, and his own design works.

Interview with Pharrell Williams @ Art 40 Basel 2009

“I think I fall in love with at least 3 strangers everyday…” – Kev


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