[Nintendo Game Boy iPhone 4 Cases]

Maybe I should start by saying that I am very happy with my new iPhone 4 Nintendo Gameboy Cases. I love picking up little cool accessories as such. They help give so much more character to you’re every day arsenal of style, gadgets, and clothes.

The cases come in an assortment of colors, but I really liked the gray and royal blue ones since they reminded me of my first Gameboys that I had as a child. The only thing that would make these cases even cooler then they already are would be if they functioned as a real active Gameboy where I could just flip my phone over and jump into a game of Kirby, Pokemon or Mario Brothers…That would be awesome…

I was able to pick these cases up off of Amazon for a couple bucks a piece. They are well designed, made with silicone and seem to be good quality so far. I’ve never really been a big fan of silicone phone cases but I had to make an exception for these babies…


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