[Last Samurai Katana]

Maybe I should start by saying that I am very pleased with my new purchase. I picked up a replica of the Last Samurai Katana used in the film. It is a fully functional blade, hand made from high carbon steel, is full-tang, and has a razor sharp blade and a meaningful engraving along the blade which reads, “Since ancient times through the present, God is with those who serve with dignity and honor”.

The level of detail on this katana is amazing and it’s engraving gives it so much more life. As soon as I came across it, I knew I had to pick it up. I’m kind of  a nerd for little things and accessories like this so I may look into picking up a few other similar pieces.


The hardwood handle is tightly wrapped with a black nylon wrap allowing for a secure grip and traditional copper is used for the tsuba and fittings. A shiny glossy finish coats the scabbard, making it a very attractive display piece.


I was able to pick this item up from Trueswords.com. They have a huge collection of items at great prices and have gotten great reviews from collectors and customers. I would definitely suggest checking out the site to anyone interested in items like this. Whether you may be looking for pieces for cosplay, fully functional blades, display pieces, or collectors items, you will have a huge selection of items to choose from.

This is my first katana/sword, so it is very special to me. I cleaned it and re-oiled it right out of the box due to the factory oil and some wood shaving residue.

And I of course did not hesitate to give it a few swings  as a test run, which ended quickly after accidentally cutting my finger and almost chopping one of the blades off of my living room ceiling fan.

Now even though I am in no way a ninja or samurai, holding this bad boy makes me feel one step closer to being a badass ninja assassin…So now…Next up on the list…….A lightsaber…??? o_O



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