[Men’s Fashion: Bags]

Maybe I should start by saying that I am very pleased with my two new bag purchases. Not only were they super affordable but they were also right up the ally of things that fit my sense of style. I picked up a Canvas Back-pack from 21 Men (Forever 21‘s Men’s Section) online and a Gretzinger Messenger bag from ALDO online as well.

I really appreciate that stores like this provide fashionable clothing and accessories for men at affordable prices (since all of us can’t afford to shop at places like J.Crew and FOSSIL on a regular basis). I just wish that they offered more of an in-store selection since it’s always a plus to be able to see clothing and other items first hand and try them on. However, I don’t mind shopping online since a lot of their ‘online only’ items are great steals. (And if H&M ever starts selling clothes online, I’m going to be all over that in a heartbeat)

One of the things that really got me were the colorful woven patterns inside each bag. Accents like this give so much more character and life to clothing and accessories and make them stand out amongst similar items. Aspects like this tend to really catch my eye, especially since I tend to prefer a mix of modern and vintage themes within men’s fashion items. I would highly recommend that men with similar tastes check out 21 Men (Forever 21’s Men’s Section) and ALDO for a good selection of affordable and trendy clothing and accessories.


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