[Esperanza Spalding]

Maybe I should start by saying that two nights ago I was extremely privileged to have been able to attend an Esperanza Spalding concert at the University of Buffalo Center for the Arts, kicking off her Radio Music Society Tour. It was an exhilarating performance and I loved every moment of it. There were moments during her performance where I realized I had slipped into a trance of emotion evoked by the music.

Nevertheless, Esperanza is universally a true goddess in her own right, based on her talent, beauty and character. Even though I was unable to find anyone to take with me (as hard as that might be to believe) I really enjoyed myself. I was able to take a couple snapshots as well as some video footage of some her song performances (thanks to my new 32gb memory card). And to top the night off I was able to briefly meet and talk to Esperanza after the show as well as get her to autograph my copy of her Radio Music Society Album. as cheesy at it may sound, that experience filled my spirit with enough joy to last a couple weeks and help me to finish off my last stressful semester of college.

The only other female artist that I truly adore to an extremely high extent would be Sade, so being able to add another female artist to my short list of musical icons feels really good. I now place this experience into my Top 3 of Best Concerts that I have ever been to along side a Childish Gambino Concert and a Lauryn Hill concert that I attended (which obviously brings to light that I was never able to attend a Michael Jackson Concert *sad face*).

I read tons of reviews saying that Esperanza’s live performances were an extraordinary experience and watched dozens of videos online, but being able to truly get a first hand taste of her art was breath taking. At the concerts closing I felt completely satisfied with what had transpired and left that concert hall a little better of a person. Whilst waiting behind the venue after the concert was over, I had the chance to chat with other fans of Esperanza and share stories, experiences and opinions. The entire thing was overall a very pleasant, soulful, and enlightening experiences from the show opening to me making my way back home carefully holding my autographed album copy.


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