[Pescetarian and Proud]

Maybe I should start by saying that 8 months ago I decided to go back to being pescetarian. I can honestly say that it is a decision that I am happy with and am glad that I have made this change in my lifestyle along with a host of other things that I have been changing or fine tuning. I’ve been slowly stocking up on food knowledge and cooking equipment and have learned so much during the past several months.


And with that being said, this post can turn into an over extended rant, but in trying to keep things short, some of the major factors that helped to inspire this change in my lifestyle include; having watched two documentaries titled “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” and “Food Inc.“, having picked up the book “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian“, and having been extensively training and studying in different forms of Martial Arts.

I’ve come to learn so much about my body and how it is effected by what I do to it and what I put into it. My viewpoint on food and physical fitness have changed so much within the past year or so and I am extremely humbled to have been exposed to so much eye opening information.

Image        Making the full transition back into being pescertarian was not an easy process, but being back into the full swing of things feels absolutely amazing and leaves me with no regrets. One of the only annoying things is the occasional, “I didn’t make it to the top of the food chain just to eat lettuce” lecture I get from ‘vegetarian hating meat-eaters‘ that I have to deal with every now and then. Other then that, I would highly endorse and recommend a pescetarian lifestyle to anyone, and definitely recommend that anyone, regardless of their dietary lifestyle choices, check out the two documentaries that I mentioned above. They have both forever changed the way I view food, health, and nutrition.


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