[Lianne La Havas]


Maybe I should start by saying that despite having been somewhat disappointed in her two previous releases with her album “Forget” and EP “Lost & Found”, (both of which I thought were over priced and lacking in production quality and arrangement quality) Lianne La Havas is most certainly talented and is amazing when performing live and I thank La Blogotheque and Black Cab Sessions for showcasing this.

Watching her and her band perform live is truly mesmerizing, however, I don’t seem to get that same feeling when listening to the studio recorded versions of her songs. I much prefer the live acoustic performances hands down and certainly think that this is where she is at her best. The way she melodically translates each song live is something special. If she were to ever release a purely acoustic album with either some of her previously recorded tracks, or possibly a set of new songs, I would definitely be intrigued to give it a full listen and own a copy.

The following videos should give some deeper insight on what I mean when I say that she is amazing when performing live acoustic versions of her songs. She performed an acoustic version of “Forget” for a La Blogotheque Take Away Show, “Age” during a Black Cab Sessions show, and “Empty” with two band members whilst in her tour bus.

Lianne La Havas released her debut album titled, “Is Your Love Big Enough?” earlier this year in August, and I would say that even though it features songs that were previously released on “Forget” and “Lost & Found” the production quality is much better by far and the title track is one of my favorite songs on the album overall. I’m just hoping that an acoustic album will soon be in the works.



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